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The Media C-Suite is a digital-native publishing platform for entrepreneurs, senior executives and professional investors in the global Media & Entertainment industry.

The Media & Entertainment industry includes every commercial enterprise involved in the creation, production and delivery of content to audiences. From the novice story-teller to the corporate halls of multi-billion dollar media conglomerates, no other industry has greater influence over value creation globally. Our industry demonstrates consistent growth at cir. 5% CAGR with annual revenues now in excess of US$2.5 trillion. The M&E industry’s market is limited only the size of the human population and remains increasingly sensitive to advancements in technology and the demographic dynamics of an increasingly connected planet.

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Invest in Media for Greatest Impact

For the Most Impact, Invest in Knowledge and How It Spreads

Nothing has greater impact on what we know about our past, our present and our future than the story we believe.  Nowhere do these interests align more completely than within the global Media & Entertainment industry.

The Media C-Suite was founded in 2022 by a combination of senior media executives and private equity professionals to address a critical disconnect between media companies in need of strategic capital and professional investors seeking quality investment opportunities.

We are owned by Coherent Publishing Limited, a company established in the United Kingdom. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

Dr. Thomas Kingston is our acting Publisher and contributes many of our long-read articles.

Our Editorial Policy is intended to build trust and provide insight on issues with impact upon the commercial, capital and corporate strategies influencing the global Media & Entertainment industry. Our position papers, opinion pieces and long-read articles seek to explore the reasons and opportunities that exist behind the headlines and hype.

Join us as we embark on a journey to establish and manage a community of leadership, thought and achievement inspired by those risking reputation, money and careers to produce, distribute and deliver news, education and entertainment content to an every-growing global audience.

Our raison d’être is two-fold:

  • To service the needs of the many decisions-makers within Media & Entertainment as a single, global community; and,
  • To bridge a divide between the executives of the Media & Entertainment industry and professional investors seeking greater access and insight into private equity opportunities.

Executives, by default, are expected to maintain a strategic, objective-driven agenda while also remaining reactive to trending challenges in highly dynamic corporate, political and commercial environments. The Media & Entertainment industry is both highly competitive and highly public; leaving its executives both isolated and exposed.

This duality, at the heart of every media executive, inspires our favicon:

The Media C-Suite's symbol for the concept of therefore

The achievement of multiple tasks is represented by three bullseyes arranged as the classical symbol meaning “therefore”.

This symbol represents the conclusion to a logical argument or mathematical proof; the answer to a problem. 


  • Media & Entertainment is both expanding and transforming.  True
  • Effective leadership requires insight and actionable intelligence.  True
  • A publication provides a rallying point to a growing community.  True


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