Just One Question: Philipp Grothe

Rumour is that Philipp Grothe is completely insane. But one man’s “insanity” is another’s genius. Helping to build European Football (a.k.a., Soccer) into a multi-billion dollar global business might take a bit of both.

The Rise of Shorts

In Hollywood, brevity has often played second fiddle to long-form and serial narrative. No Longer. Shorts are in.

Who Will Be the Future Masters of Media?

Can the Media and Entertainment industry be co-opted into serving particular interests?  Sounds like conspiracy theory.  But it’s been the objective of many a politician and offers the real-world equivalent to a fantasy super-power:  The power of persuasion. 

Who Iger Answers To

One of the highest paid executives on Earth is credited by many in Hollywood with holding unionised creatives to the fire as if it were his personal inclination.  But it is strategy, not animus, that drives experienced CEOs with legacies to protect.

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