Week 46: M&E Astro Projections

This week's combined energies from Capricorn, Libra, and Aquarius exert a profound influence on the collective consciousness of the industry. This period calls for a deep introspective reassessment of current projects and strategic planning.

Week 43: M&E Astro Projections

The global Media & Entertainment industry stands at a pivotal juncture, with the celestial geometry casting a nuanced influence over the myriad interactions between it and the audience. Team dynamics are poised to experience a heightened level of fragile synergy.

Week 42: M&E Astro Projections

This week's stellar alignment consolidates energies, creating a momentary well of influence that has a profound impact on creativity and emerging relationships within the Media & Entertainment sphere.

Week 41: M&E Astro Projections

Tragedy offers renewed emphasis on change. Foundational industry liaisons stand at the precipice of uncharted terrains, potentially unveiling novel frontiers of both artistic ingenuity and commercial promise.

Week 40: M&E Astro Projections

Developments that emerge with a sense of inevitable momentum may carry with them a cascade of rippling effects. The lattice of connections within the industry could witness dynamic shifts - certain bonds might be tested while others gain fortitude.

August 30, 2023: Executive Daily Astro Briefing

Pluto's gravitational dance with the Sun and the Moon infuses the realms of media and investment with an aura of intense regeneration and deep-seated transformation. This alignment heralds a time of profound shifts and inner growth, yet it carries a note of