The Serious Reality of Esports

While sport has become the popular buzz word among media execs and private equity investors, video gaming competitions have quietly attracted millions of players and fans, plus seriously competitive sponsorship and advertising dollars. 

The Rise of Shorts

In Hollywood, brevity has often played second fiddle to long-form and serial narrative. No Longer. Shorts are in.

Who Will Be the Future Masters of Media?

Can the Media and Entertainment industry be co-opted into serving particular interests?  Sounds like conspiracy theory.  But it’s been the objective of many a politician and offers the real-world equivalent to a fantasy super-power:  The power of persuasion. 

Creatively Disrupting Hollywood

For the Hollywood Studios, disruption is bad; very bad. But for everyone else in the Media & Entertainment industry, it is long overdue and badly needed.  Particularly for the two most important groups:  Audiences and Investors.

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