Reply To: Investing in Films


@Thomas Kingston I think we’re talking the same language – our start-up is designed to support the kind of data points that you allude to. I’d love to connect with you, or anyone else interested in what we are doing (if that’s allowed here)

@Cass I agree that there is scope within the industry for there to be better due diligence, data points that can be useful when raising finance. Tech decks more often sell the business proposition over product details, individual movie decks tend to push the creative vision and some due diligence (attached actors for example).

I personally tend to ‘code shift’ somewhat between talking to my media peers, versus with institutional finance partners.

I guess I see the industry slightly differently, especially on the more indie side that I think you’re referencing. The industry is in flux, streamers especially seem to stride the more TV-centric world of commissioning for audiences, as opposed to the Theatrical world where the creative team have a product where they pitch to market. Then you add in issues like IP, I can see no down side to pitching projects to any potential partner with more data and market insight attached.