Interview: Colin Vaines, Producer – Part III

"A Producer’s job is to project manage a story idea into a product.  The planning of that, getting the elements right, is as important as the quality of the performance captured by the camera.  I would say that the one leads into

Interview: Colin Vaines, Producer – Part II

“Our industry is more than just Hollywood, or any other place. Entertainment is global. As story-tellers, we have to be as well. If anyone in this game isn’t clear on that, they really are falling behind.” Throughout his career, Colin Vaines has

Interview: Colin Vaines, Producer – Part I

“With film-making, everything has to coalesce around the momentary zeitgeist.  That’s the Producer’s role.  The right story, the right script, the right director and the right actors.  All at the right time.  Then you need the money, which needs the distribution.  There’s