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      Our man Damocles has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the nexus between Media & Entertainment and the world of finance plus decades of real world investment experience.  Ask him anything, he will answer and then the Community can pile on. Pose novel questions as their own Topic.  Add your voice to further enquiry, opinion and personal insight. What do you want to know?  
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    • The Business
      M&E is one of the oldest industries in history. Everything started with a story around a campfire. By the end of this year, M&E will generate global revenues in excess of US$2.5 trillion. We are at once a cottage industry of SMEs stretching around the world and an industry of corporate giants. The M&E industry is global, serving a population that now exceeds 8 billion people. 63% of the world’s population are active internet users giving M&E a continuously growing market presently in excess of 5.03 billion consumers with an inherent desire to be entertained.
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    • The Money
      The Media & Entertainment (“M&E”) industry is bristling with multi-billion dollar publicly-listed media conglomerates with the spending power of small nations. But no industry on Earth is as adept at spending other people’s money. Luckily, the private capital markets have amassed an investment war-chest nearly 3X the total market capitalisation of all publicly-listed companies combined. With a staggering US$11.5 trillion in assets under management, private investors are capable of funding nearly every film project, crypto-inspired content distribution company and the likely rescue/acquisition of several multi-billion dollar publicly-listed media conglomerates simultaneously. So who are these investors? Where are these investors? And what do they want?
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