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The Media C-Suite welcomes our readers and registered Users to our updated website.  Together, we form a community of Media Execs and investment professionals seeking common ground, insight and opportunity:  The Media C-Suite Community.

Converging, and serving, the interests of our Community is a key objective within the Media C-Suite.

We define the “Media Exec” as any person having senior-level responsibility for any business participating in the global Media & Entertainment industry (“M&E”).  While our editorial focus is on the unique environment of C-level officers, our core community includes everyone with the burden of decision-making, including the vast number of entrepreneurs seeking to build their M&E business and to support those who depend upon them.

As Media Execs, offering insight to professional investors and providing sincere exposure to opportunities within M&E would seem an obvious common purpose.  And yet many professional investors have little access to either insight, opportunity or Media Execs within this industry.  The Media Exec and the professional investor are often “ships passing in the night”, with a distinct interest in communication but little common-ground on which to build rapport.

One of the Media C-Suite’s core target demographics are those professional investors and supporting networks of professional service providers with an interest in the M&E.  Our initial focus is on the private equity (“PE”) industry, which includes professional PE and venture capital (“VC”) fund managers, sovereign wealth funds (“SWFs”), Private Family Offices (“PFOs”) and high net worth individuals (“HNWIs”). 

The PE industry has been targeting M&E for decades.  However, M&E is an insider’s industry.  PE has only recently begun to announce sustained deal activity within M&E, which is increasing rapidly.

See one our earlier articles, Entertainment Grows as Private Equity Pours Money into Disruption.

Access to information and insight into commercial trends, emerging opportunities and the leadership issues within M&E is not widely available but is of increasing value to PE professionals.  And there are quite a few of them looking for insight.

According to a US Senate briefing, there were more than 18,000 PE funds at the beginning of 2021.  The PE industry employs 11.7 million people globally with a nearly 6% annual employment growth rate.  This does not include the professional service providers that support PE funds and deal transactions (including law firms, accounts, banks and specialist administration companies). 

PE fund managers are not alone.  According to Credit Suisse, there are an estimated 2.7 million individuals with a net worth of between US$10-50 million, nearly 85,000 above US$100 million and over 7,000 above US$500 million.  Nearly half of these entered those ranks during the past 10 years and many did so as a result of the tremendous growth in the global Media & Entertainment industry, and many investing directly back into M&E.

See, Where’s the Money:  the Rise of Private Family Offices.

With M&E of distinct interest to professional investors ready, willing and able to provide capital and commercial resources to Media Execs, it seems clear that Media Execs should become as familiar with professional investors as possible.

That is the purpose of the Media C-Suite:  to facilitate the alignment of interests between M&E and PE by providing common ground on which to build community.

We hope that our content provides information of interest to our readers, and that our readers will become members of the Media C-Suite Community. 

Join the Community by registering as a user, commenting on our articles and participating in our Forums.  We will continue to add and expand facilities for our Community. 

At present, those facilities include the ability for registered Users to interact with each other on within our three Forums:  Ask Damocles, The Business and The Money.  Add Topics, Reply to others and help build the information, insight and rapport that only our Community can.

See, Community Forums on the Media C-Suite for more information.

Any and all suggestions on how we can strengthen and improve our Community are welcome in the Comments section below.

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