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        As a creator, I understand the industry to be such a unique combination of art, science and commerce that taps directly into the human psyche. It really is something special and not comparable to other industries.

        As a philosopher, I am in awe at the shear power in our hands as story-tellers. The revenues may not necessarily pass down to creators very well, but the influence we have over how people think about the world and each other is crazy.

        So the word, “Big” seems insufficient. Sure, total employed, total capital, total audience and total revenues are convenient quantitative measurements of any industry’s size.

        But the influence (and responsibility?) of this industry seams to beg a more qualitative expression.

        I would be keen to discuss.

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          Influential would seem to be the word then. What this begs is how much responsibility the story-tellers have. The French called it noblesse oblige. What Marvel adapted to, Uncle Ben’s “With great power comes great responsibility” line in Spiderman.

          Our dilemma is that money and distribution dictate what stories are heard, regardless what stories we have to tell.

          Given the state of the world right now, and how stories can inform as much as entertain, what obligations do we have and how do we align those with the interests of Netflix and CNN?

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            Teak. The very best stories, with the most powerful messages that might move the most people for the better still have to be heard to have any influence.

            Is it that quantitative measurements are indicative of quality? This is a business, after all. Art is great, for its own sake, but most of us have to pay rent.

            By most of us, I include those of us on the investor side. We are in constant search for quality. That is what makes value creation more likely.

            Value creation is what allows the message to resonate. So, it might make sense for creators to take a more active role in the business of story telling. That, in turn, would give creatives more opportunity to exercise that awesome power.

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