Media C-Suite Week No. 34, Issue No. 21

A Week in the Media C-Suite 34 Issue 21

A Week in the Media C-Suite

It’s Sunday, the 20th of August, 2023.

It hasn’t been a wonderful week for many.  And for that, we want to hold our hands out and offer our thoughts to everyone.  For all who can feel it, please do what you can to help.  Even if that means not making things worse.

From deadly firestorms in Hawaii, Canada, the Canary Islands and Greece to deadly tempests hitting Asia and the US, and deadly wars in Europe and Africa, the world seems to be in turmoil. 

But we humans are at our best when the universe sends us its worst.  We suffer.  No doubt.  Agony is hard to bear.  But we do.  And we tell stories about it. 

That is the job of our industry.  The Media & Entertainment industry.  Stories are our product.  It is for us to deliver actual news.  It is for us to tell the stories of those who have suffered and those who have prevailed.  It is our job to teach, to warn and to inspire. 

With over 8 billion people on the planet now, we have the largest audience ever assembled. 

We have a lot to do, little time to do it in and a lot of people depending on us. 

Glad to be here with you.

Just Catching Up?

So are we!

Here’s what you might have missed this last week.

The Little People

Actually, some of them are pretty big!  No offense meant, really! 

The battalions of people that toil behind the scenes to dress the stage just right, set the lighting just so and deliver the last script changes just on time are the most critical elements to producing entertainment content.  They are also the most over-looked.  Purposefully so. 

Highly trained special forces operators have nothing on many of the key grips and best “boys” that provide the tactical support every director, cinematographer and actor requires to win that big award, fame and fortune.  They do so covertly, without any member of the audience knowing they were ever there.

It can be exhausting work for wages that don’t always make ends meet, requiring technical skill and physical prowess on insufficient sleep and under conditions most modern militaries would reconsider.  Yet without them, no feature film, high-end television show, news programme or in-demand podcast would be delivered to paying audiences who are increasingly demanding ever more.

Production crew are the below-the-line mercenaries that win the heated battles of principal photography and allow producers to declare, “It’s a wrap!”.  Their worth is being tested as Hollywood’s writers and performers strike for a better future and bigger stake in the industry.  The far ranging implications of the strikes in LA touch production crews across the US, in London and around the world.  Each experienced member of the global production crew work-force that accepts other full-time employment makes a return to full-scale entertainment content production less likely.

One of those dedicated members of crew in London, as much a film-maker as any producer, has written on the subject.  We salute Sacha Kovacevic and his comrades-at-arms.  A great read.

Money for the Asking

We look back to an article last week that offered some advice to aspiring media entrepreneurs with a list of Professional Investors waiting for great companies to make contact. 

The Media C-Suite provided a list of three investment groups in Switzerland, three in the UK and three in the US with a stated desire to invest in Media & Entertainment.

It was perhaps a mistake.  The demand to publish more names, longer lists and further advice has been over-whelming.  We love the challenge!  To save on our emails, DMs and sanity, register as a user and offer your suggestions and comments to the article below.  We await further instruction!

Looking Ahead?

That’s where opportunity is found!

Heat of the Moment

This month is anything if not hot.  Last month was the hottest on record, so August should offer no surprise.  Traditionally, most of Europe shuts down for this period to recharge and prepare for a busy season ahead. 

This moment of pause, for those able, is valuable.  The next six months will be spend making up for the damage of the last six.  But in doing so, we have an opportunity to improve.  The heat of the moment might be motivation to start making things better.

Fingers’ crossed.

To inspire those on picket lines during these turbulent times, we hope you will read these articles with open minds, creative energy and a determination to change the rules. 

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