Media C-Suite Week No. 35, Issue No. 22

A Week in the Media C-Suite Week 35 Issue 22

A Week in the Media C-Suite

It’s Sunday, the 27th of August, 2023.

140 years ago today, in 1883, the caldera under the Krakatoa archipelago exploded with the force four times that of the largest atomic bomb ever tested.  It’s pressure wave was felt around the whole of the planet with ash causing widespread effects for decades; changing our world forever.

80 years later, in 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. joined hundreds of thousands of American citizens in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.  The event was as seismic on a political and social level as Krakatoa was on the physical.  King’s I Have a Dream speech, delivered on Monday, the 28th of August, galvanised growing ‘resistance to the resistance to civil rights’ for all in the United States and changed our world forever. 

Looking back on these events of today’s date in history, one cataclysmic and the other cathartic, the best of us might consider the stories they convey and the sentiments an audience might be imbued with for the telling. 

Our industry delivers the stories, but it is our audiences that give them weight.  Over the past week we have watched a number of natural and human events occur, which will no doubt have widespread effect on us all, over time.  We admire the army of journalists, poets, musicians, authors and screenwriters that pour their souls into crafting those events into stories that resonate, converting events into history.

Just Catching Up?

We’re right there with you!

Here’s what you might have missed over the last week.

End Game

It’s no simple thing to call the dispute between the AMPTP, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA a game.  It has too many consequences for effectively powerless players. That alone should be enough to know that it should end.  Each of the opposing sides are seeking to achieve something and the natural alignment of interests that is both obvious and necessary for agreement seem to be off. 

Some might say, artificially so. 

The insecurity, frustration and financial jeopardy that a majority of creatives face in today’s Media & Entertainment industry is no secret.  Many of our most talented storytellers and performers face actual poverty while crafting entertainment content that generates billions of dollars for those who distribute it. 

This is not a Hollywood story alone.  We are a globalised industry, with creatives and markets around the world.  But the disparity between the Studios and the creative classes is most pronounced in Los Angeles County where the highest concentration of commercial activity is to be found.  That disparity, and the orchestrated, corporate messaging that has emerged about it, has the potential to fracture more than just LA.

There is historical precedent that might be easily dismissed, if not for how one side of this dispute has embraced its message.

The Studio aristocracy live and breathe in highly rarefied environments with little actual knowledge, or care (it would seem) of what the common creative endures to provide the product they sell.  Some might say that they are not much different than their royal counterparts in the lead up to the French Revolution.  Disney CEO Bob Iger, may just have more in common with Marie Antoinette than with Walt Disney.

Investors, much to the surprising ignorance of Studio bosses, don’t care if their profits come from dividends or from disruption.  Luckily for those Studio bosses, it is the investors who will decide when enough is enough today, and when heads should roll. 

We hope you will find this article interesting:

Like Manna from Heaven

The Media C-Suite started something new last week with the introduction of the Executive Daily Astro Briefing, or EDAB as we’ve come to call it.

Our very own Madame Stella has a trusted team collating the data on celestial alignments and graciously provides our Community with her interpretation and insights every morning.  It is a lot of work, as we have observed, and we are pleased with the reception so far.

Of particular note is Madam Stella’s inclusion of her calculations on the influence of the Universe on the outcome of our interactions.  We can’t claim to fully understand it all, but her “co-efficient of luck” seems truly fascinating. 

If it all adds up for you, please do let us know.  Your feedback is essential. 

Check out today’s EDAB

And explore the past week of what the Universe has offered on the Astro Briefings page.

Looking Ahead?

The coming week should be interesting!

Falling into Autumn

I hope we might all be thankful for Friday next week.  August ends on Thursday and September arrives.  It’s been a difficult month for everyone.

September, however, will no doubt offer some relief.  At least from the heat.

It is also in September that most of the Professional Investors out there get back to work after traditionally taking much of August to re-charge.  For Media Entrepreneurs, September should mark the beginning of capital raising season. 

To get you motivated and prepared, check out these articles and let us know what you want to read next:

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