Media C-Suite Week No. 41, Issue No. 28

Media C-Suite Week 41, Issue 28

A Week in the Media C-Suite

It’s Sunday, the 8th of October, 2023.

Not a particularly auspicious day. Except for one thing.

Audiences around the world, at this very moment, are experiencing the joys, dramas and tragedies of news and entertainment simultaneously over screens in the palms of their hands, against a wall or in a theatre. We are all exposed to life on Earth today as it occurs anywhere, in real time, all the time. Inspired by both life and imagination, our stories are pitched and exhibited for an entire planet to experience as quickly as we can physically produce them.

The effect may be difficult for many of us to even perceive; but the truth is that we are converging as a people. For some, this has been a long time coming. For most, it may come as an epiphany. 

There is much greater awareness that every story effects all of us in some way, and that all of us are on this planet together.

Perhaps for the first time in the history of our species, we are connected to each other in ways that will change our world forever. This is made possible by the creativity, invention and innovation of one, single humanity-defining industry more than any other:  Media & Entertainment. 

Our Industry.

As members of that industry, what will we do with such power?

The Fog of War

This week, the war in Ukraine will continue. The war between Israel and the Palestinians will escalate, and conflicts in Eurasia and Africa will ebb and flow.

The risk of global war will simmer in the background.

Thousands will be violently killed this week. Fact. Tens of thousands will suffer horrific physical and psychological injuries this week and far more will grieve, enduring sorrow for the rest of their lives. Fact. Soldiers, sent to do battle, will have to live with what they will do this week. Fact. If they live. 

The reasons and justifications will be desperately articulated by politicians on each side, whose resources and authority are founded on, and grow, from the existential threat such conflicts create. Most people will be influenced by the rhetoric. All who are will likely view it or listen to it over a screen in the palm of their hands, on a wall or in a theatre. Every word will be delivered by our industry. 

Few are equipped for the debate.

Truth is always the first casualty of war. The “fog of war” is an expression used by military scholars and battlefield commanders to describe the difficultly in accurately perceiving (much less reacting to) the factual events on the ground during conflict as it occurs. 

Technology has improved on this, providing real-time communications and visual acuity at the moment.  But the effect of truth remains subject to analysis and interpretation. The story told before, during and after an event is often more galvanising than the facts themselves.

Everything boils down to stories.

Before today, politicians would set the stage for those stories. The Media & Entertainment industry would deliver. Today, the creatives, journalists and producers of stories have much more say in what truths those stories tell. There is much greater awareness that every story effects all of us in some way, and that all of us are on this planet together.

Today, the plot between “Us” and “Them” can be revised with “We” as the theme. 

Can be. Might be. Should be.

The next episodes, sequels, special reports and breaking news will be coming soon to a screen near you. 

But it’s up to “Us”, the Media & Entertainment industry, to level the playing field between the politicians who thrive on conflict and the audience, our audience, who simply want to thrive.

Just Catching Up?

There’s still time.

Growth Capital

With the writers of the WGA in Hollywood now firmly out of strike mode and back at their keyboards, investors around the world are once again in search of opportunity. Perhaps because of the strikes, writers are exercising an awareness of the value of their creative output through a singularly important tool that has always been theirs to wield:  Copyright.

For Studios, that may be annoying. But for investors, this inherent legal authority over the value of written works is no less appealing than a gold mine in the back yard. What comes next may just change the economics of entertainment. 

If, that is, writers and investors can learn to speak the same language.

Read this article to learn a lot more:

Intangible Matter

The Insanely Lucrative Ownership of Intangible Matter

This year alone, media executives and corporate shareholders will feast on the leftovers of more than US$2.5 trillion in annual revenues from a product literally willed into existence.  Such treasure is made manifest by the exercise of creative imagination and its transmutation into intellectual property.

How To Do It

Just how valuable is advice from experienced, successful professionals? In a highly competitive industry like Media & Entertainment, it might be the difference between making it and not. Few get the opportunity to hear directly from those who have been there, done that and made a great career out of it.

So, what does it take to catch and exploit that one big break?

In the second of our “Just One Question” series, we put it to legendary pioneer of digital pre-visualisation behind Star Wars, Jurassic Park and many other Studio tent poles, David Dozoretz.

The key takeaway:

“Today, it’s not so much about who you know anymore. It’s about who knows you.”

Just One Question David Dozoretz

Just One Question: David Dozoretz

Legendary Pre-Vis pioneer and producer, David Dozoretz contemplates the Big Question facing everyone in Media & Entertainment today.

Looking Forward?

We all need to do more of it.

Where’s the Money?

In one of our earlier Features, we sought to provide information and insight on a segment of investor capital known as the private family office. The reception was impressive and we are constantly asked for more of the same.

Not only are we collating data on private family offices with a distinct interest in Media & Entertainment, we are preparing to spill it out to you, our Community. Watch for it.

In the meantime, you might want to review:

Where the Money? Private Family Offices

Where’s the Money? The Rise of Private Family Offices

Wealthy families around the world are rapidly becoming a major force within venture and private equity investing in Media & Entertainment.

Where are the Deals?

In our discussions with Professional Investors, including private family offices, we are asked for insight and advice on where to find opportunity for investment.

For the most part, these Professional Investors have their own sophisticated pipelines of “deal flow” that include professional intermediaries that broker introductions. Few Media entrepreneurs have ready access to these networks. So we thought it might be nice to introduce our Community to those intermediaries.

Watch for an upcoming article on deal flow networks. If you have any particular question for either Professional Investors or their gatekeepers, let us know. We will ask (and get the answers).

But why wait? We did provide some rather detailed advice on how to build your own network of Professional Investors in a previous article. Take a look:

Degrees of Separation

Bacon’s Law: Finding Professional Investors

Professional investors provide more value than the money they invest.  So, how do entrepreneurs in the creative industries find them?

Enjoy your week!

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