Media C-Suite Week No. 36, Issue No. 23

MCS Week No 36 Issue No. 22 A Week in the Media C-Suite

A Week in the Media C-Suite 

It’s Sunday, the 3rd of September, 2023.

In the United States and Canada, it’s Labor Day weekend.  This is the US and Canadian equivalent to Europe’s May Day, a celebration of the struggles undertaken by labourers and the “working classes” to improve their station in society and carve out better futures for their families.

Both the Labor Day and May Day weekends have become popularised as family breaks marking a change in the seasons.  For Americans, this long weekend marks the end of Summer. 

Ironically for our industry, the labour unions of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA remain on strike and their members out of work as this Summer’s extreme heat begins its transition to Winter and an uncertain future.

Just Catching Up?

Here’s what you might have missed.

Nothing Remains Quite the Same

On that note (from, changes in latitude, changes in attitude), we sadly wave farewell to legendary story-teller, Jimmy Buffett.  He has inspired a degree of happiness in so many for so long that we thought the music would never end.  And it won’t, so long as there is at least one Parrothead left to dream of life in Margaritaville

James William Buffett (b. December 25, 1946; d. September 1, 2023) passed away reportedly from lymphoma arising from Merkel cell carcinoma, a relatively rare but aggressive skin cancer.  He was 76.

The late, great Jimmy Buffet, smiling as we will always remember.
Jimmy Buffet, as we at the Media C-Suite will always remember him. (image credit: Bruce Glikas/FILMMAGIC)

He will be missed, but never forgotten. He had a good life, all the way.

Rain Dance

On the outskirts of the Black Rock Desert in the State of Nevada, the 37th annual Burning Man festival is mopping up; literally.  Uncharacteristically torrential rain challenged the radical influencer- and Silicon Valley-infused nine-day rave itself and resulted in at least one death.

Deadly wild fires, population-shifting droughts and the growing intensity of both heat waves and tropical storms have not yet moved the media industry into concerted action.  For media execs around the world, coming to grips with a new reality of deteriorating climactic conditions may well begin with the financial and social influence that many Burning Man attendees possess. 

It may be the only positive outcome we can expect to conjure from this weekend’s tragedies.

What To Do About It

At some point, there’s no point in just standing by.

Things do have to change and no other industry on Earth is as capable of galvanising our species as the Media & Entertainment Industry. 

Here’s an excerpt from an article we believe you should read:

“The screen consumes more leisure time (and some “work time”) for the average modern Human than eating, sleeping, exercise and sex, combined.

…not only does the Media & Entertainment industry have vast influence over what we think we know, it is a hugely lucrative industry in the midst of global disruption on multiple fronts.  That means opportunity for investment, and for influence.  The financial stakes are matched only by the effects this industry has on the minds and beliefs of audiences everywhere.”

On Approach

Lawyers have a saying about any deal between investors and entrepreneurs as being a “meeting of the minds”.  There is truth to this.  An alignment of interests is necessary for any deal to be successful for long, and this requires understanding from both sides of the table.

Professional investors put a lot of time and money into understanding an opportunity.  So we thought we would help bridge the gap by offering media entrepreneurs a leg up.

Looking Ahead?

Good, because we can’t live backwards!

Take Two Astrals and Call Us in the Morning

Everyone can use a little inspiration.  If it’s fun and a bit absurd, then so much the better.

Our Executive Daily Astro Briefings (we’ve been calling them ‘EDABs’ in the office) have been something of sleeper hit for us.  Our Madame Stella is now a permanent fixture!

But she insists on improving by offering her prognostications on a weekly basis, with EDABs incorporated for those needed finer detail.

The first weekly edition will come out tomorrow morning, September 4, and each Monday morning thereafter.

In anticipation of Astrological Insight for Media Execs and Media Investors both, it might be a good idea to brush up on some strategic information.

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