Media C-Suite Week No. 39, Issue No. 26

A Week in the Media C-Suite - 24 Sep 2023

A Week in the Media C-Suite

It’s Sunday, the 24th of September 2023.

Meetings between the AMPTP and WGA representatives continue today, marking four days of negotiation that are being reported as productive.  The AMPTP issued a ‘best and final’ offer at the end of a long day yesterday, which is expected to be discussed today.

Last week we considered the pressure that Studio Bosses must be under (as they place workers in much more perilous positions).  While many consider these highly paid executives to be the architects of the strikes themselves, with an ulterior motive to rid themselves of binding collective agreements for production and distribution of ‘Hollywood’ content, they ultimately must answer to their Boards of Directors and shareholders. 

The Walt Disney Co.’s share price is down 12.83% in the past six months.  Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.’s share price is down 20.71% for the same period.  We will have to wait for Q3 earnings reports to know the fate of NBC/Universal.  It’s parent company, Comcast, has posted a remarkable 26.11% rise in share price over the past 6 months due in large part to its considerable telecommunication infrastructure businesses, which are relatively insulated from the ongoing strikes. 

Netflix Inc., which is far less dependent on the collective agreements with WGA and SAG-AFTRA for production of its content has faired well during the strikes.  It’s share price is up 15.06% over the past 6 months.

The entire industry, and a lot of investors, must wait and see how today’s negotiations in LA play out.

Just Catching Up?

Here’s what you might have missed.

Stepping Down

After 71 years in total control over the Murdoch media empire, Rupert Murdoch (92) announced that his son, Lachlan, will be replacing him as sole Chairman of News Corp. and Fox Corporation as he steps down.  His demonstration of the power inherent in the Media & Entertainment industry, and willingness to shape public opinion as a business model, may serve as a model for emerging magnates.

For a discussion on who might be stepping up in his absence, see:


Achieving success within the Media & Entertainment Industry is no small feat.  Whether it be a career on the corporate ladder, film-making, writing or acting, the sheer numbers of people trying to make a living within the industry is staggering.

So hearing someone who has achieved success describe how they might do things today, knowing all that they know, is a chance in a lifetime.

In a first of a new series, the Media C-Suite offers just that, with Just One Question:

Looking Ahead?

Aren’t we all!

Community Forums

More of our readers have been registering with the Media C-Suite and participating in our Community Forums. Take a look and let us know how to improve this area of the site!

We finally look set to offer some advertising to support our site’s fledgling journey to publishing glory. Stay tuned, it will be a rocky start as we work out the kinks.

Drum roll please!

In the meantime, enjoy a previous article that touches on some of the growing pains that Media may have to come.

A Call for Submissions

If you have story to tell about the business of Media & Entertainment, or any aspect of it, we want to publish it for our Community.

First step is to read through a selection of our articles to get a feel for what we publish. You don’t have to write like us; we want your voice. We do want you to get the facts right and explain what you mean with a style that all you.

Once you have an idea for an article then please do look though our Editorial Policy.

Editorial Policy – The Media C-Suite (mediacsuite.com)

Organise your thoughts logically and choose a title that you feel reflects the point you are making.

Select some images that help with your article, or describe what you might want and we will work with you on images.

Then send your article to our Editorial team for review. If we can publish it, we will exchange a few details and sign a release with you to get your article out there for the Community.

Send article submissions by email to: submissions@mediacsuite.com

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