Media C-Suite Week No. 25, Issue No. 12

A Week in he Media C-Suite Issue 12

A Week in the Media C-Suite

It’s Monday, the 19th of June, 2023.

We normally publish our Weekly review on Sundays, but a day late is not necessarily a dollar short.

Today is special (and not just for the food!)

History Starts With A Story

One hundred and fifty-eight years ago today, in Galveston, Texas, US General Gordon Granger issued General Order No. 3, enforcing the end of slavery in the great State of Texas, two years after President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation made slavery illegal across the United States.

Texans celebrated on that day.

For most historians, the end of slavery marked the start of a social and economic revolution that has made the United States one of the most prosperous nations our world has ever experienced. The many reasons why are worth celebrating.

The celebrations in Galveston back in 1865 became an annual affair known as Juneteenth, and spread across the nation.

Two years ago, the 117th United States’ Congress unanimously passed “An Act to Amend Title 5, United States Code, to Designate Juneteenth National Independence Day as a Legal Public Holiday.” On the 17th of June, 2021, President Joe Biden signed that Act into law, and Juneteenth became a federal holiday in the United States.

This is history, yes. But more importantly, it is a story.

Just Catching Up?

Better hurry.

The most active investors are already moving quickly.

Here’s why!

Stories are Everything

Stories shape what we each believe we know. They shape public opinion. They shape politics. Stories do that. And stories are literally the stock in trade for one of the world’s most powerful industries: Ours.

We as an industry, the Media & Entertainment Industry, will generate US$2.5 trillion in revenues this year alone from the business of telling stories. The stories told by our industry have shaped the world we now live in; for good and bad.

Investors are taking action by looking at Media & Entertainment as a way to make an impact with their money. Our industry will change because of it.


Invest in Media for Greatest Impact

For the Most Impact, Invest in Knowledge and How it Spreads

Nothing has greater impact on what we know about our past, our present and our future than the story we believe.  Nowhere do these interests align more completely than within the global Media & Entertainment industry.

Last Week

This has not gone unnoticed by some of the largest, and most powerful investors on Earth. Last week we reported on a most unusual investor conference held at, of all places, the United Kingdom’s Houses of Parliament.

You might be right to think the attendees were special.

It’s an interesting read:

Buried in the Money

Entertainment Targeted by Sovereign Wealth

The Media & Entertainment industry topped the unofficial agenda for an invitation-only gathering of the world’s most powerful money managers hosted within the British House of Commons and organised by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute.

It took us some time, but last week we finished collating some interesting data from our continuing survey of Professional Investors. This includes some within the Sovereign Wealth Fund community, but the majority are Private Family Office and High Net Worth Individuals who’s capital shapes the future of many industries. Think, “Tech”!

Now, all eyes are on Media & Entertainment. Find out where they are looking by reading:

The Demographics of Media's Future

Professional Investors Eager to Call “Action!” on Media & Entertainment

Less than two decades ago, Netflix changed the Media & Entertainment industry forever while the CEOs of the Media Majors were sleeping at their desks.  Are we about to watch a similar disruption unfold?  Professional Investors seem to think so.

Looking Ahead?

So are we.

Sport is on the minds every investor, producer, director and television exec we speak to.

In the United States, many are calling the next ten years the “Golden Decade of Sport.”


We will be looking into how the 5.6 billion content consumers around the world with access to broadband internet are about to change the way Americans experience their sports (and how both media companies and Professional Investors embrace the world’s most lucrative sports content market).

If you have any particular insight, please get in touch as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you might enjoy:

The Masters Trophy, Augusta National Golf Club

Golf’s Power Drive into Media Disruption

This year’s 2023 Masters Invitational in Augusta, Georgia show-cased professional Golf’s biggest conflict with the inclusion of leading golfers from the break-away LIV Golf league.  But it was not drama that drew attention from record audiences, including professional investors, it was the App used to experience it.    

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