Media C-Suite Week No. 28, Issue No. 15

A Week in he Media C-Suite Issue 15

A Week in the Media C-Suite

It’s Sunday, the 9th of July, 2023.

Temperatures are rising, but the cold hard truth is seeping into the upper echelon of the world’s largest media companies. 

Audiences are jumping ship to find alternative channels of popular content. Just ask the 30 million (and counting) Twitter users who have made the new Threads platform the most rapidly downloaded app ever (and it was only released four days ago).

Take out the toxic noise and add millions of new story-telling voices and the next decade could see the Media & Entertainment industry thrive like never before. 

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Here’s what you might have missed over the last week.

Follow the Money

Risk capital investors may have found a sure bet in companies that seek to refine and make use of Generative AI. The first quarter of this year saw pre-money valuations for early-stage AI companies jump by 16% as all other startup companies saw theirs fall by 24%. PitchBook estimates that Generative AI companies will receive more than US$42.6 billion in private equity investment by the end of the year.

This follows Microsoft’s US$13 billion in capital for OpenAI, the business behind the now ubiquitous ChatGPT.

Where does all that money lead? We at the Media C-Suite believe it leads straight into the hands of creatives around the world and a vast increase in the output of content for us all to either love, or loath.

For those who do the reading:

Value of AI in Human Hands

The Value of Generative AI is in the Hands of Those Who Wield It

Some professional writers fear it for the same reason professional investors love it.

Alchemy Rising

Forget about turning lead into gold, there’s a much more effective formula for value creation.

According to data from Statista, 64% of our planet’s 8 billion people (and growing) are active users of the internet. That’s a potential audience of 5.03 billion consumers with an inherent desire to be entertained.

Turning creative ideas into commercial content is driving the Media & Entertainment industry to exceed its target of US$2.5 trillion in revenues this year. Every penny of that money is generated through the exercise of contract rights to the Intellectual Property (IP) that creatives convert imagination into.

Artificial Intelligence cannot benefit from this process, only the people (and companies) that turn stories, songs or any other content into commercial assets. But AI can, and certainly will, accelerate that process. 

And investors are eager to help.

For a better perspective (and more knowledge), read:

Intangible Matter

The Insanely Lucrative Ownership of Intangible Matter

This year alone, media executives and corporate shareholders will feast on the leftovers of more than US$2.5 trillion in annual revenues from a product literally willed into existence.  Such treasure is made manifest by the exercise of creative imagination and its transmutation into intellectual property.

Looking Ahead?

It’s the right direction!

Media CFOs

Our survey of media CFOs and financial consultants is wrapping up this week. Compiling the data has been interesting.

Did you know that CFOs are often the first member of an executive team to be considered as an interim replacement for a CEO? Our data shows that CFOs are looking beyond filling shoes and increasingly at founding their own start ups.

We’ll have so much more to report when we’ve managed to sift through the results.

In the meantime, you might be interested in:

Cinema Audience, Coming Soon

The Global Appeal of Foreign Content

For well over a century, Hollywood has been exporting American-centric film and television content to the world.  Now the tide seems to be turning as the world exercises its own creativity in telling its own stories.

The Demographics of Media's Future

Professional Investors Eager to Call “Action!” on Media & Entertainment

Less than two decades ago, Netflix changed the Media & Entertainment industry forever while the CEOs of the Media Majors were sleeping at their desks.  Are we about to watch a similar disruption unfold?  Professional Investors seem to think so.

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