Media C-Suite Week No. 43, Issue No. 30

Media C-Suite Week No. 43, Issue No. 30

A Week in the Media C-Suite

It’s Sunday, the 22nd of October, 2023.

At some point, after sunset most likely, one hundred and forty-four years ago today, Thomas Edison perfected the incandescent light bulb. It was an event that dramatically changed the course of human culture forever. To power the lights, Edison helped develop the distribution systems needed to safely and efficiently deliver electricity across towns and into any home.

The electrical age has now evolved into today’s digital age in which the whole of human knowledge is literally in the palm of our hand and at our fingertips. History, literature, science, philosophy, religion. Free. For everyone to know. One would think that enlightenment would have come with that electric light. For some perhaps.

But on this same day, sixty-one years ago, US President John Kennedy ordered a naval blockade of Cuba and declared a national security emergency referred to as the Cuban Missile Crisis. That event culminated in both the US and the Soviet Union being within a single step from full-scale world-wide thermo-nuclear war.  It was, perhaps, the closest our species has come to destroying our planet and ourselves.  So far.

Today, humans sit under electric lights and watch, listen or read in abject horror as the leaders of two neighbouring peoples numbering in their millions position followers to utterly destroy each other. 

What is one to do?

One could whither in despair. There are more than enough reasons to.  Or, if one chooses to, there is always the option to laugh. 

Laughter is a salve. As un-natural as it sounds to laugh in the face of death, it is often the one thing that changes our attitude just enough to avert it.

Comic Relief

It really doesn’t matter what makes us laugh. Nervous laughter will always be better than fear.

Physiologically, the simple act of smiling changes the cocktail of neurotransmitters in our brains and elevates both mood and cognition. It doesn’t even matter if the smile is genuine or not. Simply arranging the muscles in our face into a smile works miracles for our minds, bodies and souls (for us and everyone around us).

Imagine what a full-on belly laugh can achieve!

Time to Stand Up!

We have plenty of thrillers and horror movies out now. We have the news. We have viral anti-social media posts. What we don’t have enough of are recordings of Robin Williams. There’s no reason Halloween can’t be fun (it used to be). No reason a professional journalist can’t ask that angry politician if he’s joking. The answer will simply raise the absurdity level just enough for folks to see that he (or she) is actually serious and needing to take a breath for all our sakes.

So, what can the Media & Entertainment industry do to make our world just a little less vile and provide that much needed momentary pause for reflection? Perhaps we might tell a joke. Or better yet, push the many, highly talented comedians around the world onto every screen around the world. Someone, anyone, just … fart on camera for God’s sake.

From the earliest days of our industry, people relied upon writers, producers, directors and actors to balance stories of tragedy with tales of comedy.

At some point, before it all falls apart, all that’s really needed is for someone to make us laugh.

Just Catching Up?

We’ll wait for you.

The world won’t stop spinning if you take a little “you time”, so just sit back and do some reading.

Not a Tall Tale!

Feature films and television series are part of our daily lives, for most of us anyway. For decades, our industry has focused on the cinema and the TV screen. But with the Streaming Wars came a few changes. We binge for one. Audiences have more choice for another.

Both of these are important to the commercial nature of entertainment today. Audiences are both younger and more sophisticated. They simply don’t limit themselves to what Hollywood gives them, or to the formats that cinema owners and television programmers decided was best for them (not the audience).

These circumstances are proving fertile ground for a form of film-making that has been relegated to near obscurity until now: The Short Film. Self-contained, highly imaginative and bit-sized, these brief stories are becoming both popular on-line and commercially viable.

Investors, watch this space!

Looking Ahead?

We’re right there with you!

Preparation is Everything

The fourth quarter of 2023 is upon us and investors are eager to set themselves up for new ventures in the New Year. That means finding great companies to invest in now, before the end of this year. And that means connecting with great entrepreneurs ASAP.

For media entrepreneurs, we’ve provided a roadmap to take you straight to their doors.

Do the reading, and let us know how it turns out!

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